December 3rd, 2011


183 Holiday Craft Amnesty


About a month ago, two things happened:

1) I got out my boxes of craft and scrap-booking supplies, dumped everything out on the floor, and organised it all into neat little piles.

2) I went into a department store and saw the first Christmas-themed signs go on display.

So... in the spirit of the holidays, and in the spirit of fighting my packrat tendencies, I have decided to give loads of stuff away! It will be exactly the sort of stuff I have used in my journals. I've got lots of spare postcards, tickets, origami paper, notepaper with cute characters on it, stickers and random clippings!

If you're interested in receiving a small selection of stuff, please send me a PM to say 'hi' with your email and postal address. Don't be shy! It would seriously be a relief to clean some of it out. Also, it will let me say thanks for all the kind comments that I've gotten over the years from my friends and people in communities. <3

Happy Holidays, peeps!